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Our Philosophy

Waverley Square Daycare offers a warm, nurturing and learning care for children in between ages 6 months-5 years.

We believe that children experience the greatest growth when they feel secure and wanted. Therefore, we at Waverley Square Daycare will provide a warm, caring, comfortable and safe environment for our children. Together, we will establish routines that are predictable and consistent. All children will be treated with gentleness, honesty and respect. Our daycare cultivates an unbiased atmosphere where children and parents are encouraged to challenge their individual paradigms and subsequently see society through a lens that celebrates unity in diversity of thought and culture. 

Waverley Square Daycare advocates open communication with parents, for they ultimately play the most vital role in their child's intellectual development. As much as we love to care for and guide children, we believe that parents should also be encouraged to be active participants in their children's education. Parents and teachers share a common priority: providing the best that they possibly can for the child. Working together, we believe that optimum development will be obtained. Each child at Waverley Square Daycare has unique talents, learning styles and personalities. Our highly-qualified preschool teachers and daycare staff work within each child's comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional and educational results. 

All our teachers are certified/qualified by the State of Massachusetts. All our teachers are First Aid/CPR Certified. We share a passion for teaching and helping the young minds explore the world around them.
Please visit our biography page in order to learn more about our teacher's.

Please contact our Executive Director, 
Monoshini Gordon at 617-599-4313 or email waverlysquaredc@gmail.com to schedule a visit.


Onsite Playground at both locations.
Onsite Playground